Plasticomp cc proudly offers toll pulverizing and granulation of many different materials in paticle sizes from 500micron to 1.5mm. We can package the material to your requirements.

Plasticomp supplies the following recycled materials:





in pulverized forms, to our customer requirments.

Our Services

Plasticomp initially started pulverizing for the PVC pipe, tube and profile industry in 2006. The services offered to the plastics industry expanded to include the Rotational moulding, Compounding and Masterbatch industry.

Plasticomp operations runs 24hrs a day in order to provide quick turnaround for its clients.

Plasticomp operates a Powder King Pulverizor with a PLC temperature control system. All material milled is screened in order to provide consistent particle size distribution.

Plasticomp also has a Granualtor for chipping larger components.

Plasticomp operates an Altenburger pulverizor for dedicated PVC clients.

Plasticomps has developed experience in milling PVC (rigid and flexible), HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE and various other materials – not just plastic. Contact us to see if we can pulverize your problem !